No-Man’s Land

Groups are entrusted with transporting however many balls as could reasonably be expected from the begin line to the end line and over A dead zone in ten minutes utilizing only the assets gave.

Time: 25 minutes

5 minutes to brief and setup

5 minutes to arrange

10 minutes to finish the test

5 minutes to survey and question

Space required: Medium. Either Inside or Outside.


For setup:

1 move of covering tape

1 measuring stick

1 plastic bearer pack

1 pail or holder sufficiently expansive to hold 10 tennis balls

For development:

2 un-expanded inflatables

10 paper cuts

1 sheet of sticky specks

10 record cards

2 paper plates

5 straws

1 10ft (3m) length of string


A dead zone Setup

Accumulate the assets. Tape two parallel lines on the floor, 5 feet (1.5m) separated. Once will be the begin line, the other the complete line. The region between the two taped lines turns into a dead zone. Put the rest of the development materials in the plastic bearer sack prepared for the gathering. Put the tennis balls in a different holder. Accumulate the group and assets on one side of the taped as appeared in the chart beneath. Perused the rundown of development materials and the test guidelines to the gathering. On the other hand, print the guidelines and hand to the gathering to start the test.