Video Scavenger Hunt

Working in littler groups, each group must record every one of the things recorded on the scrounger chase list inside a set day and age. The group are given a camcorder and only ten minutes of video time to finish the test. Extraordinary for a fun group improvement day. I have utilized this test for a group away day in London – which everybody delighted in and was an extraordinary achievement.

Hardware Required: One advanced camera for every group (with video recording capacity), SD cards, batteries, Scrounger chase records (see case list that takes after), Portable workstation and Projector for audit playback.

Space Required: Contingent upon age and size of gatherings.

Aggregate Size: 4-8 in each gathering

Add up to Time: 2-3 hours (contingent upon the reason for the test)

20 minutes to brief and set up

60-120 minutes to accomplish result

30 minutes to playback and audit

Video Scrounger Chase Group Challenge Directions

Preceding the action, make a test rundown of things for the groups to finish, and dole out a point an incentive for each assignment (see test thoughts beneath).

Isolate the gathering into groups of four to eight and give each group a camera, list, and an opportunity to return.

Corporate Gatherings: You may have autos and drivers for each group or/

More youthful Gatherings: You may concoct a rundown of things that should be possible in the encompassing range.

Each group are just allotted only five minutes to record their video and must attempt to get whatever number diverse things in this five minutes as could be expected under the circumstances. (or, then again each group just gets the opportunity to film five thirty-second scenes and tries to fit however many things as could reasonably be expected in every scene).

After as far as possible the gathering must return (deduct focuses for every moment they are late) and hand over the camera. Permit time to observe each gatherings video montage, and count focuses as you watch the recordings.

Illustration Scrounger Chase List

A man with a whiskers shaking hands with somebody on your group – 50 focuses

The entire group singing a tune at a transport stop – 100 focuses

Somebody on your group getting a drink out of a water fountain while another person is riding piggyback on his/her back – 30 focuses

Somebody washing the window of an auto of somebody they don’t have the foggiest idea (ask first!) – 50 focuses

Somebody on your group kicking a Football against a divider that the entire group is remaining against – 100 focuses

Photograph brought with a renowned individual – 300 focuses

Somebody shaking hands with a policeman – 200 focuses

The entire group in a vessel – 150 focuses

The entire group singing a melody while in an eatery – 100 focuses (50 additional focuses for every individual not on your group that is singing the tune too)

Somebody on your group strolling the puppy of somebody they don’t know – 200 focuses

Proposed Learning Results

Critical thinking