Trust Walk

Working in sets, blindfolded members are driven on a stroll around the encompassing region or a course by their accomplices. This is awesome action for concentrating on relational abilities and creating trust. Hardware Required: Blindfolds Space Required: Medium. Inside or outside. Amass Estimate: Any. Greatest of 20 members (10 sets) per facilitator. Add up to Time: 35 minutes 5 minutes to brief and set up 20 minutes = 2 x 10min Trust Strolls 10 minutes to audit and question Recommended Learning Results Correspondence Inventive considering Administration Chance mindfulness Trust

Traverse an Obstacle Course

Each one in turn, blindfolded colleagues are guided by their partners through a snag course to the complete line. They should depend vigorously on trust and correspondence to finish the test.

Time: 30 minutes

2 minutes for blindfold movement Presentation

3 minutes to examine and arrange

20 minutes for the course (1 point granted for each colleague that finishes the course).

5 minutes to looking into and question

Space required: Medium. Either Inside or Outside


1 move of veiling tape (or utilize cones)

A grouping of things can be utilized as obstructions, for example, seats, containers, work areas or cones

1 blindfold

Course Set Up

Make an impediment course and check a begin and complete line with the tape (cones or rope can likewise be utilized). Things utilized as hindrances ought to be spread out and avoided anything that could conceivably make chance the dynamic member, (for example, dividers, tree limbs, weeds and so on).

cross course

Blindfold Test Guidelines

One colleague

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The goal of this blindfold action is for littler sub-groups to cooperate and impart viably to recover a bomb before alternate groups. This fun challenge focusses on correspondence and collaboration.

Hardware Obliged: Rope to check begin line, blindfold for each group and a “bomb” e.g. a smaller than usual football.

Space Obliged: Medium to Expansive. Inside or outside.

Bunch Estimate: 6 to 12 however should be possible with bigger gatherings (turning parts)

Add up to Time: 30 minutes

5 minutes to brief and set up

20 minutes for group action (turn group parts)

5 minutes to survey and question

Robots Blindfold Test Directions

Part the gathering into littler sub-groups of 3-5 individuals. There are three key parts in each group. The primary member is the ‘Robot’. They stand blindfolded before the begin line, confronting out into the amusement region. Position member two on the opposite side of the beginning line confronting far from the movement zone. They are the

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