The goal of this blindfold action is for littler sub-groups to cooperate and impart viably to recover a bomb before alternate groups. This fun challenge focusses on correspondence and collaboration.

Hardware Obliged: Rope to check begin line, blindfold for each group and a “bomb” e.g. a smaller than usual football.

Space Obliged: Medium to Expansive. Inside or outside.

Bunch Estimate: 6 to 12 however should be possible with bigger gatherings (turning parts)

Add up to Time: 30 minutes

5 minutes to brief and set up

20 minutes for group action (turn group parts)

5 minutes to survey and question

Robots Blindfold Test Directions

Part the gathering into littler sub-groups of 3-5 individuals. There are three key parts in each group. The primary member is the ‘Robot’. They stand blindfolded before the begin line, confronting out into the amusement region. Position member two on the opposite side of the beginning line confronting far from the movement zone. They are the ‘Communicator’. Member three stands confronting the action range and watches the Robot. This member must not talk – they may utilize whatever other specialized technique to demonstrate course to member two. Member two should then verbalize these signs and guide the robot to recover the bomb.

On the off chance that there are more than 3 in a group, either turn them between parts or allocate additional spectators and communicators. The target of the test is for robots to recover the “bomb” from the action territory before alternate groups.


Robot – blindfolded, confronting bomb, just member allowed in the

movement range.

Communicator – confronts far from movement region, should NEVER watch the


Onlooker – confronts movement territory, can’t talk by any means

Recommended Learning Results

Critical thinking

Correspondence (verbal, non-verbal and tuning in)



Helpful Tips

In case you’re working with littler groups then simply have one group rather than a few going up against each other. Apportion three minutes to finish the test for each round then pivot so everybody has the chance to be a robot.

Consider your situating while watching the movement – guarantee you have full perspective of all robots for security and stop any of them in the event that they venture out of the action zone.