Traverse an Obstacle Course

Each one in turn, blindfolded colleagues are guided by their partners through a snag course to the complete line. They should depend vigorously on trust and correspondence to finish the test.

Time: 30 minutes

2 minutes for blindfold movement Presentation

3 minutes to examine and arrange

20 minutes for the course (1 point granted for each colleague that finishes the course).

5 minutes to looking into and question

Space required: Medium. Either Inside or Outside


1 move of veiling tape (or utilize cones)

A grouping of things can be utilized as obstructions, for example, seats, containers, work areas or cones

1 blindfold

Course Set Up

Make an impediment course and check a begin and complete line with the tape (cones or rope can likewise be utilized). Things utilized as hindrances ought to be spread out and avoided anything that could conceivably make chance the dynamic member, (for example, dividers, tree limbs, weeds and so on).

cross course

Blindfold Test Guidelines

One colleague is chosen to explore through the deterrent course. (Note: You may wish to show the way now). The colleague will be blindfolded and absolutely dependant upon partners to finish the course. Groups are given 3 minutes to examine and build up a non-verbal correspondence that will control the blindfolded member securely through the obstruction course. Give blindfolded members a greatest of 3 minutes to effectively entire the course before exchanging.

In the event that a blindfolded member touches an impediment, they should stop and return back to the begin point and switch with someone else in the group. To expand the trouble of the test, after each unsuccessful endeavor or finish to cross, move a portion of the hindrances around bringing about another course.

You can do this movement as one major gathering or you can part the group into littler sub-groups and inspire them to race against each other (with a most extreme of 3 on the course on the double). The group who’s blindfolded member finishes the snag course in the first place, wins the test and is granted a point (like the blindfold retriever and sheep and shepherd works out).

Recommended Learning Goals:




Safe places