Fly in the Glass

This is a fast activity practice utilizing parallel considering. Before you start, utilize the sticks to make the state of a wine glass with a fly set in it (see beneath). Present the test and clarify that they should reproduce the wine glass without the fly in it. To finish the test, they are just permitted to move only two sticks. The rest of the sticks and the fly must not move.

Assets required: Each group needs four sticks of equivalent length (utilize can likewise utilize matchsticks if space is restricted) and one fly-like protest e.g. a cone or a bean sack

Space Required: Little. Inside or outside.

Gather Measure: 5 to 12 at max. For bigger gatherings split into littler groups.

Add up to Time: 10 minutes

2 minutes to brief and set up

5 minutes to finish fly in the glass challenge

3 minutes to survey and question

Issue Arrangement


Recommended Learning Results

Critical thinking




Helpful Tips

This test obliges groups to cooperating to discover an answer. This is an awesome chance to acquaint the critical thinking model with the group.

On the off chance that a colleague is overwhelming the discourse and talking over others, hush the person for 2 minutes to permit an open door for others to talk – recall to utilize this as an audit point toward the finish of the test. Attempt to adjust the activity so everybody is effectively included and locked in.

When working with extensive groups, split them into littler sub-groups. You can then setup this test as a race. Working in littler groups likewise consider more consideration and better gathering dialog.