Magic Cane/Helium Stick

Groups are given an enchantment stick (otherwise called helium stick) which they should lower to the ground, utilizing only their forefingers. All members must stay in contact with it at all circumstances – what appears like a straightforward errand, can turn out to be unbelievably disappointing and amusing for all included.

Hardware Required: 1 thin, light-weight, bamboo stick (can be acquired from a garden store) or tent shaft

Space Required: Negligible. Conveyed either inside or outside.

Assemble Estimate: 8 to 12 however should be possible with 6 to 14

Add up to Time: 20 minutes

5 minutes to brief and set up

10-15 minutes to accomplish result

5 minutes to audit and question

Helium Stick Group Challenge Guidelines

Part the gathering into two and line them up in two columns confronting each other.

Acquaint the stick with the group.team_building2

Request that members hold their arms out before them and point their forefingers.

Lay the stick down on their fingers. Get the gathering to modify their finger statures until the stick is flat and everybody’s forefingers are in contact with the stick.

Clarify that the test is to bring down the stick to the ground.

The control: Everyone’s forefingers must stay in contact with the stick at all circumstances. Squeezing or getting is not allowed – it must lay on top of fingers as it were.

Repeat to the gathering that if anybody’s finger is gotten not touching the stick, the test will be restarted.