Move Tennis Balls

The group race with time as the opponent to recover and move the same number of tennis balls starting with one can then onto the next, without utilizing their hands or arms.

Time: 15 minutes

2 minutes for undertaking Presentation

3 minutes to examine and arrange

5 minutes to move tennis balls

5 minutes to checking on and question

Space required: Medium. Either Inside or Outside


1 move of veiling tape (or utilize cones)

1 meter stick

1 basin of tennis balls

1 purge basin

Group Developing Test Set

Tape a begin line on the floor. Tape and complete line on the floor around 3 meters (10ft) away. Put the basin of balls toward the begin line and amass the group close to the container. Set the unfilled basin over the complete line.


Challenge Directions

Close to the beginning stage is a container of tennis balls. The Group have five minutes to move however many of the balls as could be allowed from the basin into the void pail over the complete line. Groups must assign one individual who can touch the tennis balls. The picked individual may not cross the begin line whenever amid the test.

The rest of the colleagues must move the tennis balls to the complete line without touching the balls with their hands or arms whenever. Colleagues – other than the individual allocated the occupation – who touch a tennis ball with their hands or arms once you have begun the test must leave the diversion and watch from the side.


Grant the group one point for each tennis ball that is moved and set in the vacant can. On the off chance that all balls are moved from the begin container to the complete can in the apportioned time, grant an extra 10 extra focuses.

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