Willow in the Wind

One individual in the group is chosen to be ‘the willow’ and stands in an upright and unbending position in the focal point of a circle. On your guideline, the individual in the focal point of the circle (the willow) is delicately passed around the hover toward any path by the spotters. The willow must keep their feet totally still at all circumstances and put their trust in whatever is left of the group.

The target of this activity is to create trust and enhance collaboration through participation and support. It is vital that you screen security intently all through the activity. Just utilize this action when working with quiet and steady groups.

Assets required: None

Space Required: Little. Inside or outside.

Aggregate Size: 5 to 12 max. For bigger gatherings split into littler groups (simply guarantee you have an extra individual to watch security).

Add up to Time: 25 minutes

5 minutes to brief and set up

15 minutes to finish work out (pivot between members)

5 minutes to audit and question

Willow in the Wind Group Practice Guidelines

Before you begin, educate the best possible spotting method and clarify the significance of keeping up this all through the activity. Spotting system: one foot before another in a t-shape position, arms outstretched, elbows bolted, prepared and caution.

You should then show the willow position: feet together, arms crossed with hands on shoulders, body straight and eyes shut.

Go for between eight to twelve members in each gathering (in the event that you have a bigger gathering then split into littler sub-bunches for this activity).

Sort out the gathering into an internal confronting circle and spread substantial and little members equitably to maintain a strategic distance from any powerless focuses in the circle.

Select one individual to be the “willow” and inspire them to remain amidst the circle.

Guarantee spotters are near one another, ought to-shoulder and keeping up the right spotting positions. At this stage, the circle ought to be very tight, with spotters hands practically touching the member in the center.

The willow ought to then permit themselves to be passed around the hover by the spotters.

When they feel more great and have over the underlying trepidation of falling, spotters ought to then slowly move to permit a more extended lean.

Permit a moment or two for each willow then pivot between colleagues, guaranteeing everybody has a chance to take an interest.

Learning Targets



Trust and support

Valuable tips and direction

The concentration of the audit ought to be on how they felt amid the activity and whether they confided in whatever is left of the gathering to bolster them. Get them to independently rate out of 10 whether they felt upheld by the gathering and examine what they could do bolster each other more. This will permit you to encourage the audit better and draw out the significance of trust and bolster when working with others.