Balloon in Water Team Building Activity

In this action, the group is entrusted with the test of inundating a swelled inflatable submerged for no less than 5 seconds, utilizing just the materials gave.



1 expansive container (in a perfect world 15-30 liters)

1 block

Materials for the test:

5 plastic straws, 5 paper cuts

1 plastic shopping pack

1 bit of string (20cm)

20cm of tape


3 folio cuts

General estimated inflatables (set up a few additional items on the off chance that a few inflatables pop)

Space Required: Little. In a perfect world outside, or a region appropriate for getting wet.

Amass Estimate: 8 to 12 in a perfect world. With greater gatherings, you can part them into littler groups and set one up set of assets for each group.

Add up to Time: 30 minutes

10 minutes to brief and setup

10 minutes for the action

10 minutes to survey and question

Set Up:

Fill the can with water until it’s filled 15cm from the top

Put the block at the base of the can

Blow up one inflatable (in a perfect world to a 10cm distance across)

Running the Action

Clarify the action: Each group needs to completely inundate an expanded inflatable in water, utilizing just the materials gave. The inflatable must stay submerged for no less than 5 seconds. They are given 1 minute arranging time, trailed by 5 minutes to do the action.

At the point when the group is prepared, they ought to tell the trainer(s) who will then judge if their inflatable is submerged for the base of 5 seconds.


Just the gave materials can be utilized amid the test.

The 3 cover cuts and swelled inflatable given to the group can’t be changed in any capacity.

Before beginning the action, the group has one moment to arrange. The trainer(s) will advise members what materials are given, yet they need to arrange without touching the materials.

In the wake of arranging, the group is given 5 minutes to execute their arrangement.

The inflatable must be completely inundated in the water before the 5 minutes is over.

The inflatable must remain inundated for no less than 5 seconds, and the group must inform the trainer(s) when they are prepared to be coordinated.

Recommended Learning Results

Critical thinking



Innovative considering

Action Direction and Notes

This action challenges members to cooperate and locate an innovative answer for an issue. There is nobody rectify approach to finish the test, and each group will have an alternate technique for doing it.

In the event that the group is unsuccessful in their endeavor to submerge the inflatable, consider running the movement in two rounds to give them another shot. This reinforces their critical thinking abilities and assembles versatility from disappointment.