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Everything You Must Know About Card Sharing Websites Control word sharing is the other term used for card sharing. This is a method which allows digital television receivers or multiple clients to access a subscription TV network using just one valid subscription card. As a matter of fact, this may be achieved by means of sharing a part of legitimate condition access smart card’s output data electronically, that allows the recipient to get simultaneous access to scrambled DVB streams held on encrypted TV network. In most instances, in order to share the decrypted 64bit control word key over a computer network like the internet, the legitimate smart card is then attached to host digital TV receiver that’s equipped with a software program. By the time when the client receives the key, they will be able to decrypt the content that is encrypted as if they’re using their own subscription card. The security of conditional access smart card technology is limited only by the standard security of DVB in which it operates whether you believe it or not. Standard practice for legitimate smart card is to decrypt Entitlement Control Message or ECM that will provide control word that allows the viewing of scrambled material. However, it is bypassing the smart card and the security features of it as well through card sharing. The software is intercepting the decrypted control word and is allowing the user to share it across computer network.
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Card sharing websites have established itself as a common method of pirate decryption whether you believe it or not. Most of the development of card sharing software and hardware has took place in Europe in which national boundaries mean that the home users can receive satellite TV signals from different countries that are unable to subscribe to them legally as a result of licensing restrictions on broadcasters.
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The delivery of control words to different client is easily possible through a home internet connection due to the length of complete word is quite small. This has actually sparked the creation of the sharing network groups to which the users can have access to the group via sharing their subscription cards with the group. In return, they can receive the channels in which all users’ cards could decrypt as if the user owned every subscription card that’s connected to the network. Then again, there are other networks that you will find to which one server has several legitimate subscription cards connected to it. The accessibility to this server is restricted to those who are paying the subscription fee of the server. Avoid problems when joining card sharing sites by learning about these things.