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How a Female Breast Develops Listed below are 5 stages of female breast development. 1) Prior to puberty or preadolescent stage, the first step of breast development will already occur, but there will be no signs of development yet, the tips of the nipples are the only one that are elevated and the breasts are still flat. During this moment, the same stage happens for both females and males. Nonetheless, the males will remain at this stage throughout their lives whereas the breasts of the females will develop further during the puberty stage. 2) The “breast bud stage” is the second step of breast development. This time is the period where buds start to develop and appear. Moreover, the nipples will start to raise and the areola, a dark skin area around the nipple, will get bigger and darkens. Prior to the adolescent stage, this phase will already begin naturally.
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3) The development of milk ducts, as well as the accumulation of fats in the breast tissues indicates the third stage of breast development. Although the shape of the breast has no significant developments at this stage, the breasts becomes more round and larger and it continues to grow. The chest might feel uncomfortable due to this additional volume.
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4) The fourth stage is the most crucial part of breast development. This stage is characterized by the prominence of the areola and nipple, also, the milk duct system is completely formed. Generally, this stage is experienced during the early teenage years and it might be painful simply because the skin can be stretched substantially. Young girls should be educated that they need to wear a breast holder or bra in order to properly support their breast. However, you must bear in mind that not all girls undergo this stage, instead, they proceed directly into the fifth stage. 5) The fifth stage is the final phase of breast development. The nipples at this stage are already raised, and the maximum size of the breasts is already reached, it normally have a round shape too. The cells, ducts and tissues are totally matured at this phase. In spite of this, the breasts will still enlarge from time to time as the estrogen levels increase at menstrual cycles. This happens in preparation for the possibility of becoming pregnant. In the event that there is no pregnancy that takes place, the breasts will naturally return to its normal size than they were previously. The breast size that a woman has during this stage is most likely the size that she will have her entire life since the breast development is already considered complete during this stage.