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What Injuries are Eligible for Compensation Claims? There are many kinds of accidents and injuries that can happen at any time and in any place, but not all of these injuries are eligible for compensation claims. If you injury falls into one of the categories below then you might be able to qualify for compensation claim. It is recommended to seek consultation with a personal injury lawyer if you want to know if your personal injury claim is worth pursuing. Road traffic accidents make up a high percentage of personal injury claims. This happens frequently since most people take the roads in their cars. From whiplash to more serious injuries, there are a lot of types of injuries that can be sustained in a road accident. If you can prove that another driver is responsible for the accident then it will be worthwhile to make a claim. People apply for personal injury claims if they have been injured in the workplace. To ensure that workers are safe from industrial accidents, injuries, or long term health implications, employers and organizations are required to comply with health and safety legislation, despite the reality that there are more hazardous workplaces than others.
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Industrial disease like the one mentioned above can lead to long term health problems later on in life. Asbestos related diseases are one common example of industrial disease.
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It is possible to be injured if you slip and fall in your house, at work, or in the street. This could be the result of broken paving, trip hazards or wet floors. In some circumstances related family members can make compensation claim to another member who was involved in a fatal accident. You are entitled to compensation claim if you become disabled due to an injury. You can be eligible for a claim if you become disabled, lose your limbs, or suffer brain trauma due to medical negligence. If you disability causes you to change lifestyle, you case will not be so strong, so you will be needing the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in your case. Suffering an accident on a holiday qualifies for compensation claim. Not all injuries are physical. Mental injuries can harm a victim for a long time and even for his whole life. There are many products in the market that are faulty or which develop faults later on. It should be that quality control procedures would ensure faulty products do not reach the marketplace. But despite quality control, there are faulty products that are not spotted. You qualify for a claim if using a faulty product causes injuries. If instead of physical injury, your property got damaged in an accident, then you can still make a claim for this. To be certain, bring your case to a personal injury lawyer to determine its potential for a claim.