The group have gone to a war zone that has been laid with mines. One individual at any given moment must endeavor to cross the combat zone without venturing on a mine. Once a colleague ventures on a mine, they should return back to the begin.

Hardware Required:

Minefield (8 x 8 squares) set out in goliath chess/checkers tangle, covering (with taped squares), cover tiles or even cones.

Course Card/s (Accessible in The Group Building Movement Book)

Space Required: Little. Inside or outside.

Gather Estimate: 2-30 members. Works better with bigger gatherings.

Add up to Time: a hour

5 minutes to brief and set up

35-45 minutes to accomplish result

10 minutes to survey and question

Minefield Group Challenge Directions

Lay out your Minefield on a level zone with a lot of space

Sort out the gathering and brief them on the undertaking: The group have gone to a war zone that has been laid with mines. The whole group must cross the minefield without venturing on a mine.

Minefield Rules

Just a single individual is permitted on the Minefield whenever

Each individual must stride on the tangle and endeavor to cross, if unsuccessful in their endeavor to cross they should go to the back of the line and the following individual must attempt to cross.

Once a member is on the minefield, whatever is left of the group must be noiseless.

Dynamic members can just move one square at any given moment. A move can be toward any path.

Just the facilitator knows which squares are sheltered and will demonstrate properly (download the guide above for an illustration).