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Likely Unfortunate Slip-Ups for a Car Accident Victim to Avoid Auto accidents can occur very quickly, sometimes resulting in substantial losses and pain within seconds. No matter who is to blame for the incident, the instant impact is normally apprehension, exposing you to the possibility of bad choices that you may regret in future. Here are some bad calls you should avoid when you’re involved in any auto accident, whether you’re the victim or the other driver: Admit Liability
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Never accept blame for an auto accident, unless advised so by your counsel. Disregard any amount of pressure from the other driver’s insurer and never express any feelings of guilt for it. This does not make you inconsiderate–you’re only trying to steer clear of potential dire repercussions for liability, such as wrongful death suits if the accident killed someone. Well, you could be feeling a bit guilty since you were texting and lacking focus when exactly the accident occurred, yet, there’s a chance the other driver is also responsible, and probably was speeding or on the wrong side.
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Negotiate With the Other Party’s Insurer Without Legal Counsel Your welfare is protected only when you rely on your personal injury lawyer to engage the other driver’s insurance firm. Frankly, the other driver’s insurer is not focused on your best interests, even when they’re not breaking the law in side-stepping your counsel when coming to you. The good thing is that you’re not required by law to report anything to them. So, get in touch with your personal injury attorney as soon as you can and have them take charge of your interests going forward. Flee the Scene of Accident It’s a crime to hit and run when a victim has been injured or killed. No matter if you believe you’re responsible or not, hold on and exchange information with the victim or property owner, and don’t make a serious case any worse that it currently is. Fail to Gather Information From the Site Obviously, your treatment and wellbeing, depending on how seriously you’re injured in a car accident, should be prioritized. But if you can, take photos of the accident scene and talk to witnesses before leaving. If there are uninjured passengers, or your attorney can come quickly, they all can help get information that may later help strengthen your case. Your attorney can rely on the information they receive from witnesses when assessing the issue of fault. It’s also good to refer to the police report as it may verify your perspective of the events. Try to relax and avoid any move that may endanger your position when involved in an auto accident. And if confused about what call to make, just call a personal injury lawyer.