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Foods You Should Eat During Pregnancy One of the most delicate experiences in life is pregnancy. This goes for both women and men. If you have learnt of your pregnancy recently you need to have certain factors in mind. It may not be possible to know the conception date, and this is important for many reasons. The conception calendar is a great tool you can use to identify the exact date of conception. Knowing the conception date is of particular importance because it gives you an idea of which trimester you are in. Knowing this can help you make your choice of what you need to be eating. Below are some of the things you should have in your diet while pregnant. Eat Fish at Least Two Times a Week It might be possible that you do not enjoy fish much. Nevertheless, you might be enjoying a particular kind of fish. The type of fish really does not matter provided that as you can find omega-3 in your diet. During pregnancy one must take a lot of omega-3 in their food especially EPA and DHA. These are ideal for development of the eyes and the brain. Eat Folic Acid Another thing you will have to include in your diet is folic acid. This substance helps in production of blood cells and also helps lower chance of birth defects. This acid is critical for anybody trying to have a baby or for pregnant women up to week 12 of the pregnancy. This is a good reason to use the conception date calendar.
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Eat a lot Of Dairy Products Proper eating is vital if you are pregnant because you will need to provide the right nourishment to the growing fetus. The fetus needs an adequate amount of both calcium and proteins. Calcium and proteins can all be found in dairy products. Dairy products contain casein which is a high-quality protein that is healthy for the fetus. Moreover, the fetus also gets some calcium through the dairy product intake that the mother gets. Dairy products are also great sources of zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin b. Most expectant mothers prefer taking yoghurt as compared to other dairy products. This is due to its high protein and calcium content as well as probiotics which are good at reducing pregnancy complications.
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Eat Eggs Eggs are usually considered as healthy food for pregnant women. The reason behind this is because they have very high nutrient content. They are essential for the fetus because they contain high contents of minerals and vitamins. In addition to this, eggs have a high protein content. This food can be ranked among the brain foods because of the role it plays in brain development. They have choline which is useful in functioning and development of the brain. According to research, neural tube defects can occur if you lack choline in your diet. Poor brain development might occur due to the lack of this essential element.