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Ways and Options to Apply for a Payday Loan Are you looking for a source of financial assistance today? Although you have the option to borrow from your family or friends, this is still not a guarantee that they can lend you. Also, their money may not suffice the amount you need. So what other options can you do? One of the easiest and fastest ways to apply for a loan nowadays is through a payday or salary or they even call it cash advance loan. But what is the meaning of this loan? This loan is also referred to as unsecured loan. This actually means that you don’t have to mortgage your properties for a loan. Banks are the basic source of this type of loan offers. These banks actually offer this type of loan to help individuals who are in need of cash that is larger than any of your friends or family members can lend to you. But who are qualified to apply?
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Just like any other loan, you still have to qualify for you to be granted. Since the root words here are salary and payday, this means that you as the debtor must be an earner. If you are a regular earner, then you are most probably qualified. Age is important, too. Most banks accept 18 years old applicant but there are still few of them who only accept 21 and above.
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Aside from the minimum age and income, you also have to qualify in the other fields. You will undergo a credit criteria assessment. This is discreetly done so you just have to wait for the result. Part of the criteria in credit scoring is the loan history of the borrower. If you have a good record before, you have higher chances of qualifying. For those who are delinquent accounts, they will be rejected outright. To receive your loan proceeds, this can be credited directly to your account or you can request it to be in the form of check or cash. Other than those methods of release, credit card owners can also enjoy applying for this type of loan since credit card companies offer loans for their valued clients and the proceeds can be withdrawn directly from the ATM. But what is your way of repaying your loan? If you are qualified for the loan, the next thing to do is to submit the necessary documents to finalize your application and the repayment method of your choice such as Post dated checks, debiting from your account or over the counter payments. When it comes to the duration of the loan, it is actually included in the credit scoring. If you are earning less, you will have to repay for a longer period.