Save the Water Balloon Team Building Activity

In this group building movement, the group needs to devise an approach to pad a falling water expand, utilizing just the materials gave.


Set Up:

Inflatables (one for each group, and additional items in the event that the inflatables break)

Bit of string (50cm)

A tree limb or tall structure from which to hang the water balloon(s)



15 cotton balls

4 sheets of daily paper

Bit of veiling tape (20cm)

1 hand towel

Space Required: Medium, in a perfect world outside or a zone which is appropriate for water recreations.

Assemble Estimate: 8 – 12 is perfect. In the event that you have a greater gathering, you might need to part them into littler groups of 6 – 8 individuals.

Add up to Time: 35 – 45 minutes

10 minutes to brief and setup

10 minutes for the group to devise their answer (20 minutes if the movement is keep running in 2 rounds)

5 minutes to test the group’s answer

10 minutes to survey and question

Set Up:

Fill the balloon(s) with water.

Attach the string to the water inflatable and hang it 1.5 meters off the floor. In the event that you are outside, you can hang it from a tree limb or any likewise tall structure.

Running the Movement

Clarify the movement: In 7 minutes, the water inflatable will be discharged from the string. Utilizing just the materials gave, the group needs to devise an approach to spare the water swell from blasting when it falls.

When they are prepared, begin the clock and they can start the action.

Toward the finish of the action, the trainer(s) will cut the string on the water inflatable to test the group’s strategy for sparing the inflatable from blasting.


Just the gave materials can be utilized amid the test.

The hand towel and scissors can’t be changed in any capacity.

The group is given 7 minutes to arrange and devise their strategy for sparing the water expand.

No testing is permitted.

Proposed Learning Results

Critical thinking



Inventive considering

Movement Direction and Notes

This movement advances imaginative thinking as groups need to concoct an answer utilizing constrained assets. It should be possible in little gatherings as a race or all in all gathering with more concentrate on consideration and dialog. On the off chance that you have a bigger gathering, you can part them into littler groups and make them go up against each other to see who figures out how to spare their water swell.

On the off chance that groups bomb on their first endeavor, you can consider running the movement a moment time which will permit members to extend their critical thinking muscles and fabricate their versatility to disappointment.