Zoom Team Building Activity

This action depends on the photo books “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which comprise of 30 consecutive “pictures inside pictures”. The group is entrusted with assembling a story from an arrangement of consecutive pictures. Every individual is given a picture yet is not allowed to show it to any other person. Together, the group needs to make sense of the right succession. The action concentrates on viable correspondence and critical thinking abilities.


You’ll have to buy the photo books “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom” by Istvan Banyai.

On the other hand, you can make your own particular arrangement of successive pictures that recount a story. Each picture ought to be on one sheet of paper (you can cover them with the goal that they last more than one session). The quantity of pictures ought to coordinate the quantity of members.

(In case you’re when absolutely necessary, you might have the capacity to discover Zoom and Re-Zoom as pictures on the web, however in the event that you’re making arrangements for a later session, please bolster the writer by purchasing his books!)

Space Required: Little. Inside or outside.

Amass Estimate: 8 to 30. You can utilize the varieties accommodated littler gatherings.

Add up to Time: 30 minutes

5 minutes to brief and setup

15 minutes for the action

10 minutes to survey and debrie

Running the Action

Clarify the action: The gathering needs to sort out a story from the arrangement of the pictures that is passed out. Every member is given a picture yet is not allowed to show it to any other person. Without taking a gander at each other’s pictures, the gathering must put the pictures in grouping.

Give out one picture to every member. Urge them to concentrate the points of interest of the picture so this will help them set up together the full story.

When they are prepared, they can start the movement.

At the point when the gathering trusts that they have the pictures put into the right succession, the pictures ought to be laid on the table/floor all together face down.

Turn the pictures over with the goal that they can check whether they hit the nail on the head.

On the off chance that there are any oversights, let members remedy the request and afterward experience the right grouping with the goal that they comprehend the full story.


Members are not permitted to show any other person their picture

Members can portray their picture or exhibit through activities

Once the succession of pictures has been concurred on by the gathering, they ought to be set down on the table/floor in arrangement.

Proposed Learning Results


Critical thinking

Time administration

Movement Direction and Notes

This is an extraordinary action that permits groups to show correspondence and critical thinking abilities. The movement turns out to be more mind boggling with an expansive number of members as there are more bits of the story-confound that they need to put into grouping. It additionally functions admirably with littler gatherings in the event that you utilize the varieties gave underneath.

Ordinarily, you may see that at least one members will venture up and accept a position of authority to help control the gathering.


In the event that there are a larger number of individuals than cards, you can combine up members

For littler gatherings or to expand trouble, don’t give members a chance to talk at all amid the movement. Give them a chance to utilize motions and activities to put the pictures in grouping.

For littler gatherings, you can give every member more than one picture.

You can make the action more aggressive and measure group execution by the quantity of pictures that are in the wrong arrangement.

You can authorize a period breaking point to make it more troublesome.