Giant Matchstick

The target of this test is to lift a chunk of the ground and place it into the container on top of a Monster Matchstick, utilizing just the floor brush handles gave to touch the ball and help the finish of the errand.

Hardware Required:

1 x 2.4m post, with elastic glass on top end, connected to 3 fellow ropes

3 x wooden pegs

10 x 1m broomsticks

1 x little ball

Space Required: Little. Outside as it were.

Assemble Estimate: In a perfect world 8 to 16.

Add up to Time: 30 minutes

5 minutes to brief and set up

20 minutes to accomplish result

5 minutes to survey

Goliath Matchstick Challenge Guidelines

The goal of the test is for the gathering to cooperate to put the ball on the mount of the Mammoth Matchstick. To finish the test they are given sweeper handles. They have just five endeavors at finishing the test.

When working with more youthful kids, brief them on the accompanying or make up your own particular story:

The group are building a firecracker for an amazing town campfire night

A ball containing the firecrackers must be set on top of the Monster Matchstick

The ball contains awful chemicals, so should be moved with sticks

The villagers are depending on the group, as they need to host a decent get-together!


Just a single stick can be utilized by each colleague

The ball must be touched with the closures of the sticks

The stick must be held by the end which is not touching the ball

Everybody’s sticks must be in contact with the ball while it is being lifted

Colleagues ought not touch or incline toward the vertical shaft

Being grabbed/piggy backs are not permitted


Sticks must not be tossed or swung about

Kindly don’t incline toward the Goliath Matchstick

Guarantee that the Matchstick is safely pegged into the ground

Proposed Learning Results


Critical thinking

Evaluating execution