Incoming Tide Survival

The group are stranded on a sand bank, they have only 30 minutes before the tide comes in. Keeping in mind the end goal to survive they need to construct structure that holds the whole group off the ground.

Hardware Required:

3 x 2.4m posts

3 x 1.5m posts

4 x 3m ropes

13 x climbing protective caps

Space Required: Medium. Outside as it were.

Assemble Estimate: 8 to 16.

Add up to Time: 45 minutes

5 minutes to brief and set up

30 minutes to accomplish result

10 minutes to audit

Approaching Tide Group Challenge Guidelines

The group are stranded on a sand bank and the tide is coming in quick

The water will just ascent to around 30cm profound however it is loaded with hungry piranhas so the entire group must escape the water

A structure must be worked to hold the entire group out of the water


Just utilize the gear gave

No tossing or dropping of logs

Nobody can be more than 50cm off the ground

The facilitator must assess the structure before anybody can climb onto it

Inside the assignment time confines the structure must be disassembled and left flawlessly for the following group


The key is to arrange before they handle the hardware, and after that to explain their musings to other colleagues since they won’t have paper. In the event that the group lay the 3 longer shafts beside and on top of each other (as delineated in graph B), they can then tie a bunch at the top. Once the 3 logs are lifted into position and the legs opened, the bunch will actually turn into a great deal more tightly. They can then lash the shorter shafts into position. Before they climb onto the structure, please altogether check it for dependability.

Recommended Learning Results


Critical thinking

Time administration